auctions and new ACEO cards available

if you check out the right side of the site, you’ll see a bunch of new bob the squirrel art auctions.  these pieces are a little different than what i’ve had available before…these are pieces i’ve drawn for use in promotional things… postcards, websites, giveaways… stuff like that.  they’re very stark—the only color on them is the non-photo blue pencil used to sketch them out.  these are all definitely original one-of-a kinds.

i also have the next set of ACEO (art cards editions and originals) up for sale.  i went a little overboard this time… offering a set of SIX…featuring characters you love:  frank, lezley, lucy, bob, izzy and maggie.  each one was hand drawn and colored— so no two cards are exactly identical… check out all these auctions and bid away… each sale helps me keep this site going… thank you to all of those that have bid and will bid…my appreciation for your support cannot be expressed enough.