Bob – August 17, 2018

visuals are key

One just fades into another.  Today’s will be replaced by tomorrow’s.  Nothing is real… even the stuff we think is real… it’s all temporary.  All. Temporary.


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I am in the VERY slow process of re-vamping

At one point in my life I was too proud to ask for help.
I’m not there anymore.

I need your input.

What would make you want to come here more often?  I realize that you can get the newest strip on social media and through gocomics.
How can I make this house a home for you… the Bob the Squirrel fan?

If you have any ideas, please take a few moments to email me with any suggestions.  You know I appreciate everything and anything you can suggest.

Thanks in advance!  You’re the best!

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Bob the Squirrel