Bob – January 22, 2019


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Today is National Squirrel Appreciation Day…

… and, the staff at Bob the Squirrel aren’t feeling it.

We feel appreciation from the fans of course, but… to celebrate?  Not so much.

The funk is thick, and it’s not the good George Clinton kind.

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Iron Man Ice…

Another cobweb shake off sketch.  If Stark tech is good, ice makers should be standard, right?

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Current feeling…

One week since I lost my dog…

I’m still a bit numb… and clearly my aim and focus are out of sorts.

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The Evolution of Bob – 2002 to 2019

Character design is… hard.

I do not profess to be even somewhat competent on character design.  I do enough get in trouble.

There’s not much out there to look forward to in January.  At least for me.  And this January has sucked beyond suck. But I DO look forward to seeing how my character has evolved. I think maybe I’ve hit an evolutionary plateau with Bob.  He’s about as Bob as he’s gong to get.  Maybe I’ve approached a point of (dare I say it) perfection?  At least with him visually.

Of course in 2020 I’ll probably say the same thing.

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