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hey all you professional cartoonists/artists and fans…

i have a ton of work to do and only a little time to do it. so, in order to maintain the fragile hold i have on the little sanity i have left, i’m doing a bob the squirrel guest cartoonist week.

i’ll pause for applause and cheers.


the strips (seven for the week… if i get more, i may run multiple strips per day) will run on on the week of may 3-9. i will run previously published strips on during that week. the sky is the limit as far as using the characters, i just ask that you keep it relatively clean. panels can be as deep as you like so long as the width remains 600 pixels .gif or .jpeg format please.

i will need these in my email mailbox no later than sunday may 2nd. that’s the deadline. if you want to send me something before this that’s cool too… the earlier the better.

all strips can be emailed to me at [email protected]

look forward to seeing what you all will/may do.

now i need to get back to work.