Halloween 2018 – Frank and Lauren

It become a tradition for me to take the characters in Bob the Squirrel and make them a bit more “Halloweeny” for October.  Here are the first two in the series: Frank as Ace Ventura, Pet Detective and Lauren as Rosie the Riveter:

Frank as Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

Lauren as Rosie the Riveter

Still more of those colors…

When you stop wanting them, I’ll stop making them… check out the rest here…

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visuals are key

One just fades into another.  Today’s will be replaced by tomorrow’s.  Nothing is real… even the stuff we think is real… it’s all temporary.  All. Temporary.


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Candy Corn Rain…

It’s not too early… It’s happening already.  Just like the weather, you can’t stop the seasonal candy corn rain…. even at the end of July.

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