What COVID-19 is and how to stay safe

It’s good to knoCOVID-19 Coronavirus - description, safety and preventionw what you’re up against… Here’s a short panel about what COVID-19 is and what you can do to stay safe from it.

Squirrels have a tendency to make things a bit more easy to digest so I thought I’d throw together a basic panel of facts (and a splash of humor). Bob learning that he too could become a participant in this thing was really the spark for this… but I also wanted to explain.

How could I make this whole scary, world-wide situation a bit easier to understand for children. Sure, most are off of school, but do the smaller kids really know WHY they’re not in school? I could’ve made a book about this… taking a million points and pairing them down to the vital points is one of the most challenging parts of what I do.

Nearly all of our lives have been affected by this virus. And even though the things in this panel were probably taught to you before or in pre-school, it’s always good to have a logical reminder.  Make sure you wipe everything down… when this is all over, maybe some of these habits will make you post-Coronavirus a bit more healthier.


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strange times…maybe

Very strange times…

There’s a lot of fear out there right now.

There’s also a lot of arrogance.

I’m not sure which one is correct really.

You pick things up…

…but you wash your hands BEFORE AND AFTER you pick those things up.

I don’t have a clue as to when this “new” normal will become the “old” normal. Estimates range the range of ranges. Days, weeks, months… everyone knows and no one knows.

Lives will be lost. Lives will be ruined. Lives will start over.

I’ve stopped using phrases like, “I wish we could go back…” because, we can’t. Even my fantasies aren’t safe from reality.

I still hope though.

Maybe hope is a fantasy too… but I’m trying to keep reality away from that one for now.

Maybe hope is arrogance. Maybe hope is motivation. Maybe hope is a religion with no deity.

Maybe I should just shut up and be thankful for the days when the happy moments outnumber the sad, angry or hopeless moments. Even if it’s one more…

Maybe I should just shut up and draw the squirrel… the embodiment of fear and arrogance that smells like peanut butter and has a big fluffy tail.  He’s probably a little hope too…

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What would Bob do?

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Uncertainty…and other stuff

Certainly uncertain

Uncertainty is the only certain concept we have right now.

The Coronavirus has touched (figuratively and literally) virtually every aspect of life.  Not just a certain section of life or area, ALL LIFE. When was the last time everyone in the world had the same thing in common?

If you have an example, please let me know.

I’m scared. Terrified actually. I’m not ashamed to admit it. This is scary. This is disruptive. And… it’s taking a lot of effort telling myself  it will pass. Life will be weird for a few weeks, but it will pass.


That being said, I’m afraid to touch anything. I hear a cough and I seek shelter. We have toilet paper but I STILL don’t understand why that was (and is) the number one panic buy of 2020.

I, like millions of others, have a lot to lose. I suppose my anxiety (I’ve always been a bit high strung) is in overdrive simply because I’m older and I do have so much to lose. THat’s not to say someone young couldn’t feel as I do… but it’s just… real.  Really real. So much of my time is spent with the “less” real which makes the REAL real all the more real.

I’m just being honest. Being real. the few hours a day I get to make art, specifically these family portraits, are the best part of the day. I can turn my thoughts and brain off and let muscle memory do what I was trained to do. Today’s Alan Bean piece is one I’ve had in mind for a while. Great artist and great guy. If you didn’t know who he was, you would’ve never known he was one of only 12 humans to walk on the moon. Hell, he was just as shocked to get that gig as anyone.

Alan Bean was real. If I can get to even the outskirts of his real in my life, well, that’ll be an accomplishment.