Bob the Squirrel – The last of the teen years…

Almost completely legal – Bob the Squirrel at 19

Bill Watterson drew 3,151 Calvin and Hobbes strips in 10 years. Charles Schulz drew 17,897 Peanuts comic strips in 50 years.

It has taken me 6,343 strips to get to this point… and in some way I still feel like I’m faking it. Like someone is going to find out my secret and blow the whole show. Seriously.

Today Bob the Squirrel turns 19.  Nineteen years ago I was in the right place at the right time with the right tools and the right desire. Funny how I ignored all that and started drawing a squirrel.  Story of my life really… at least 19 years of it.

In squirrel years, a 19-year-old Bob would be past a fossil and rapidly becoming crude oil… still useful, but hard to write a comic with.

I can’t stop now, I’m just starting to understand what maybe being warmed up feels like.


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Bob Face Masks now available…

Bob Face Masks…





I never thought I’d ever say this… but Bob the Squirrel face masks are now available in the Society6 shop.

Initially, I wasn’t going to make something like this available… this pandemic is a tragedy we all are affected by… and I didn’t want to profit from that.

But Society6 will be donating a portion of all face mask sales to help in COVID-19 relief efforts. AND, I get asked about Bob masks about every other day.  So, here they are!

Click or tap on the image above or go to to check out the designs. All masks are 20% off today.

They’re high quality and washable. Have a little fun with being safe… this illness is not going away anytime soon.

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NEW SERIES – Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson style…

Back to the roots of everything. This is a milestone in a way. Today I post the 200th image in my Family Styles series.

I say back to the roots… because that’s exactly what the work of Bill Watterson is to me. I’ve gone on and on about his lines and color work in Calvin and Hobbes for 25 years. And, I could continue to go on about it gleefully.

But I’d rather let his work to speak for itself. There’s Bill Watterson… and then there’s everyone else.