the sight of sound…

I like playing with lettering.  One of my favorite things to do in the strip is come up with new ways of visualizing sound. SO for the beginning of 2019, I thought i’d abandon the solid color background Bob memes and mess around with this.

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The Adoration of the Squirrel

The original plan was for this to be a Sunday panel.

I’ve been looking at stained glass work lately and though it’d be cool if there was a Bob window.

Some research and a couple of hours later I came up with this.

The antsy little kid with the bucket of crayons in me couldn’t wait to post this so here it is.

I’ll make this available as a print in the not too distant future.

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I’ve decided to sweeten an already great original art deal.  I will include one pack of BOB THE SQUIRREL SUNFLOWER SEEDS!  (limit one pack per order) These aren’t seeds for eating (although you’d have to fight Bob on that) they’re seeds for PLANTING!  These seeds were harvested from sunflowers I grew in my backyard.  They’re the ones I saved from you know who (Bob).

It may be a bit too late to plant them this year but you’ll have a great piece of art and a head start on 2018!

Click on the image above or here to grab some art and get some seeds!