2016 Calendar cover and MORE!!!


Here’s the preliminary cover for the 2016 Bob the Squirrel Calendar – available October 6th!

Along with the calendar, I’ve dubbed October BOB THE SQUIRREL STUFF MONTH!
Lots of Bob stuff coming out this month. Here is a rundown of what’s coming to you:

October 6, 2015: 2016 Bob the Squirrel 12 month Calendar
October 13, 2015: Book Release: sketch: a collection of sketches from the sketchbooks of Frank Page
October 20, 2015: Book Release: i’m qualified for something – A SQUIRRELOSOPHY Collection
October 27, 2015: Book Release: Advanced Bobology – A Bob the Squirrel collection

I’ll post purchase links everywhere when each item is available.


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Speaking Spanish week…

I love language.  It’s one very important half of what I do every day (pictures being the other half).

Last year, Lauren began taking Spanish in school.  I was ecstatic. I took several years of Spanish in high school and have always been enamored with the language.  Even after high school, I kept my knowledge of it up… speaking and writing it whenever I had an opportunity.  I am by no means fluent or completely bi-lingual, but I know enough not to get into trouble.  I know the difference between el coche and la calle.

So, once Lauren started español, I had a partner en idioma.  We would (and continue to) quiz each other all the time.  I’m not ashamed to admit she’s stumped me quite a few times… which I love. I love to learn… especially when my daughter is doing the teaching.

The frustration Lauren will have over the course of this week’s strips is not totally true to life.  She’s good. She enjoys the language just as much as I do.  She can totally hold her own.

 Disfrute de las tiras cómicas de esta semana…
(Enjoy this week’s comic strips)
NOTE: The English translation of the Spanish dialog is beneath the panels.

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46 years in extremes


July Original Art SALE!
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