In with the new-ish

To reflect my changing tastes and interests, I’ve issued a challenge to myself.  If I succeed, not only will I benefit, but you will too.

Starting now and going through 2018, I have challenged myself to design and post ONE new Bob the Squirrel design in my Society6 store. Once a week.

And just a heads up – I’ve developed a serious passion/addiction to hand-drawn illustrated text.  I have a feeling the designs in 2018 will reflect that addiction.  I don’t want to get help for the addiction and I can’t stop any time I want.  So there.  I will post images and designs as they become available.  The first design can be seen to the left. Click on it to get a better view.

Happy New Bob!

it’s a bug…

In all my time holding any kind of marking implement, I’ve never drawn a VW bug.

Moving on…

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perfectly illustrated


In all the years of drawing squirrels name Bob, I have never captured my OWN present feelings as perfectly as I have this morning.  It’s not the best drawing, but it’s the best illustration.

The tension, the stress… all there.  Now I’m even more stressed that I’ll never be able to capture a feeling as well ever again.

I’m going to need a bigger teddy bear.