College, Baby!

Yesterday, we got to experience something that I truly believed we’d never experience again – GOOD NEWS.

Lauren got into the college of her choice: University of Albany. We were so excited… and we just didn’t want to hide it.

So proud of this kid…and we’re looking forward to being proud over and over and over again.

I reserve the right to brag my ass off about her. Reserving it now. Right now.

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January 21 always holds a little special place in my heart… it’s NATIONAL SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY. A day set aside for those of us who’ve yet to fully appreciate the beauty and the beastliness that is the humble tree rat.

It’s not anybody here of course.

So, if you see someone out there not appreciating… let them know that it’s far, far better to appreciate every day, than to appreciate one day.

Thank you all for appreciating every day.

Oh and the painting is today’s “Family Style”image of Bob done in the style of Irish painter Francis Bacon.

Finally caught Jackie the psycho stalking chipmunk

Avid readers of the strip know that Bob has many admirers.  Jackie the psycho stalking chipmunk is in a class all her own.  You may also know that I use my life as material for the comic strip. Jackie comes in and out of our life pretty regular… but she really never truly goes away.  I’m 99% sure she lives in our garage.

Yesterday I finally caught her massacring my sunflowers. She didn’t move a whisker.  It’s almost as if she was irritated I interrupted her nosh.

I’m not mad.  I’m glad my crop is feeding her.  I already have enough seed for next year.

Nosh on Jackie… nosh on.

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