Finally caught Jackie the psycho stalking chipmunk

Avid readers of the strip know that Bob has many admirers.  Jackie the psycho stalking chipmunk is in a class all her own.  You may also know that I use my life as material for the comic strip. Jackie comes in and out of our life pretty regular… but she really never truly goes away.  I’m 99% sure she lives in our garage.

Yesterday I finally caught her massacring my sunflowers. She didn’t move a whisker.  It’s almost as if she was irritated I interrupted her nosh.

I’m not mad.  I’m glad my crop is feeding her.  I already have enough seed for next year.

Nosh on Jackie… nosh on.

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Best fans ever…

A fan of Bob the Squirrel… Edwin James from Northern Maine… sent me me a photo of a chipmunk he and his wife are trying to nurse “… back to life after finding it near death on a path in our back yard. Can’t help but want to call him Bob!”

I have the best fans ever.  Thanks for sharing this Edwin!

Bob the Squirrel fan chipmunk

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