thank you…a return of respect…


thank you everyone for this support… it may sound funny, but i really and truly didn’t expect this unbelievable response…the strips that start running today were completed over a month ago… in order to maintain the continuity of the strip, my final decision will have to be made this week…as this week would be the week i would start work on the january 2, 2012 strip…

in other words, if there is no strip on january 2, you know what i have decided.

if i didn’t care what my readers thought, or i had a disdain for the comic strip genre, i would have just ended the run without any prior warning.  but doing that would be a disservice to  those of you who’ve invested so much into what i do.  it would also be disrespectful to the artform that has been my voice for all of my adult life.

i feel the strips i’ve done for the month of december 2011 are some of my finest work.  i approached them as though they would be my last.  again, i have not decided one way or another if they will be…but better safe than sorry, right?
i’ve always prided myself on being brutally honest in my work.  whatever wart i have, you see.  whatever shortcoming i have as a human being, you see.   that won’t change.

this is the hardest decision i’ve ever had to make.  how can you say goodbye to your best friend?

news type things…

for those of you that aren’t aware (which would probably be all of you) my blog/sketch page has been discontinued. instead, i will more faithfully post sketches and whatnot to this page. the sketches and posts that comprised that website have been transferred to this blog. all you gotta do is scroll…

my latest downloadable comic SPACE BOB has been picked to be featured on the Conrad Foundation’s Spirit of Achievement website and blog. The Conrad Foundation was named for astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad who flew two Gemini missions, the first Skylab mission and was the third man to set foot on the moon as commander of Apollo 12. For those of you who know that i’m a space nut, this is indeed a huge honor.

that’s pretty much all for now…remember there’s only a week left to get those holiday commissions in!

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