Long-time subscribers know that I’ve had a Patreon page set up for Bob the Squirrel and Squirrelosophy for some time.  Those that join the Bob the Squirrel Patreon Community get some pretty decent perks: sneak peeks at art before anyone else, discounts, etc.

Yesterday, I introduced Lens to the Bob Patreon.  It’s like a private Bob channel for the community. Short 30 second videos of me, Bob and the world around us.  See the process of creation.  See the creation of process. See some other stuff… it’s all there.  I will update as much as I can during the day… bearing in mind that I’m very, very, very, VERY new to video snippets (I may get my daughter to help me… if she wants)

All contributors at the $5.00 tier and higher have access to Lens video.

I want to make sure my appreciation is conveyed to my current and hopefully future supporters.

If you send $1.00 a month, I want to make sure you get at least $1.50 to $2.00 in value back.

I am well aware that budgets are stretched to the limit and beyond… I don’t want this to come off as my looking for charity… it’s not that at all.
In the coming weeks, I will be re-vamping pretty much everything in the Bob Patreon to better server the community.

I’ll keep you in the loop!  And as always, thanks for your past, present and future support.

Who knew a smart-ass squirrel could be so much?

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January 21 always holds a little special place in my heart… it’s NATIONAL SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY. A day set aside for those of us who’ve yet to fully appreciate the beauty and the beastliness that is the humble tree rat.

It’s not anybody here of course.

So, if you see someone out there not appreciating… let them know that it’s far, far better to appreciate every day, than to appreciate one day.

Thank you all for appreciating every day.

Oh and the painting is today’s “Family Style”image of Bob done in the style of Irish painter Francis Bacon.

Patreon – and feel good about yourself

Are you a patron of Bob the Squirrel? Why not?

Now what is Patreon? Watch and learn:

I want to keep Bob and Squirrelosophy as vibrant as possible. To do that, I need breathing room. Breathing room where I don’t have to worry about taking a paying gig over putting a bit more time into a Sunday panel or an extra Squirrelosophy panel, or if I just feel the need to do some video and need a piece of equipment.

I’ve had Bob on Patreon since January of this year. Currently, I have 12 wonderful patrons willing to donate their hard earned money to something they think is special and worthy of their support. I cannot begin to tell you how humbled and wonderful that makes me feel. Every little bit helps and is appreciated.

Bob isn’t going anywhere. You as a fan can expect the same quality as always. But with your support through Patreon, Bob can grow. You will be a Patron of the arts! And, as a patron, you will get benefits that others do not. Cool stuff. Really cool stuff… and stuff that’s so cool I haven’t even thought of it yet. The more support, the more cool.

Check out the Bob Patreon page when you can. There is absolutely no pressure to commit.

Support Frank Page creating Comics that Squirrels can dance to and not be embarrassed.

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