Long-time subscribers know that I’ve had a Patreon page set up for Bob the Squirrel and Squirrelosophy for some time.  Those that join the Bob the Squirrel Patreon Community get some pretty decent perks: sneak peeks at art before anyone else, discounts, etc.

Yesterday, I introduced Lens to the Bob Patreon.  It’s like a private Bob channel for the community. Short 30 second videos of me, Bob and the world around us.  See the process of creation.  See the creation of process. See some other stuff… it’s all there.  I will update as much as I can during the day… bearing in mind that I’m very, very, very, VERY new to video snippets (I may get my daughter to help me… if she wants)

All contributors at the $5.00 tier and higher have access to Lens video.

I want to make sure my appreciation is conveyed to my current and hopefully future supporters.

If you send $1.00 a month, I want to make sure you get at least $1.50 to $2.00 in value back.

I am well aware that budgets are stretched to the limit and beyond… I don’t want this to come off as my looking for charity… it’s not that at all.
In the coming weeks, I will be re-vamping pretty much everything in the Bob Patreon to better server the community.

I’ll keep you in the loop!  And as always, thanks for your past, present and future support.

Who knew a smart-ass squirrel could be so much?

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