Grunge Bob of the Day…

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Smells Like Teen Squirrel

Bob the Squirrel as vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.

I remember where I was the day Cobain died.  I was a freshman in college and had just gotten off my shift at the SUNY Albany University library. It was a beautiful April afternoon.  I was walking back to the dorms  – listening to my (heh) SONY Walkman (AM/FM Cassette tape, not a discman)… the news came over the radio…WPYX 106 Albany.

I stopped walking… not believing what I heard.  (I’m not sure why NOT walking would make me hear better.) I got back to the dorm –  it was obvious everyone heard the news .  Groups of students mulling around the quad… talking, hugging, wondering why and how he’d take his own life.

Nevermind was on heavy rotation that evening… one of the few times I felt my generation had a shared experience.

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The Bob abides…

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The Big LeBOBski…

Today’s almost Rock Bob – Bob the Squirrel as the Dude from the film The Big Lebowski
These illustrations are up for sale.  If interested, please email me…  first come, first serve.
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Trailer Park Bobs

That’s the way she goes…

Not really a ROCK BOB image, but rocking like a Helix concert just the same…

Bob the Squirrel as Bubbles, Ricky and Julian – the Trailer Park Boys! #NSFW #trailerparkboys #TBP #ricky #bubbles #julian #dailydrawing #drawingoftheday #comic #squirrels #illustration #bobthesquirrel

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