Blame it on the Squirrel…

Don’t forget my number…  Bob the Squirrel as the embattled late 80s/early 90s lip syncing duo Rob and Fab… a.k.a. Milli Vanilli

Milli Vanilli Rob and Fab

As this illustration is #100, the ROCK BOB series has come to an end. The final subject was really a joke to myself.  I believe that anyone in a creative vocation has their Milli Vanilli moments. You do something for so long it almost feels like you’re faking it… lip syncing to someone else’s voice or tracing someone else’s lines… 99.99% of the time it can all be chalked up to nerves, or doubt in one’s ability… but we’ve all been there.  Just keep doing it.

I’ll be taking a week or so off from the daily illustrations… I’ll let you know when HISTORY BOBS will begin.

Thank you all again for your support.  The ROCK BOB gallery will remain up… and all of the pieces not already sold are available for purchase.  I don’t have any post ROCK BOB plans for the pieces… but you never know.

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Ode to Bob and the future of Rock Bobs

Ode to Bob… Bob the Squirrel as German composer Ludwig van Beethoven.Ludwig van BeethovenBob Beethoven is number 99 in the ROCK BOBS series.

Tomorrow’s ROCK BOB will be number 100.

I’ve said before that I’d probably stop at 100.  I’m now taking the “probably” out of that.

I’ve posted a ROCK BOB every weekday (with a brief pause due to my grandmother’s passing) since the end of January. What I thought would be a fun and easy treat for me and you turned out to be plenty fun, but not that easy. I planned my day around their creation– more often than not drawing them the DAY they were posted.  Rarely did I work ahead… or even have to chance to work ahead. But, you all responded to them in a way I couldn’t imagine… supporting my squirrel habit by spending your hard earned money on my little scribbles.  You’re all awesome. Truly. Thank you.

SIDE NOTE: I appreciate also that my feet weren’t held to the fire when one or two or ten of my subject choices weren’t exactly of the rock music genre.  The lines between rock and pop culture tend to blur… and sometimes I just felt like drawing Bob Ross.

Plus, I’ve fallen in love with colored pencil rendering and toned paper… something that I only did a few times a year like the annual HALLOWEEN BOB series. No going back now, I’m totally hooked.

So what’s next?

Well, I’ve given it some thought… and after I take a week or so off, I’m going to launch a new series: HISTORY BOBS.

Each day, as the name implies, I’ll create and post a figure from history in my style with a twist of Bob added.  The possibilities are limitless… but in keeping with the precedent set by ROCK BOBS, pieces from HISTORY will be available for purchase, and I’ll only create 100.

As ALWAYS: All these ROCK BOBS are available for purchase! Click here for more ROCK BOBS…
Those without SOLD in the caption (hover over image for caption to appear) are available for purchase.

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