so you may be wondering…


wow, you’re sure putting out a lot of new bob stuff frank!

with the original art auctions and now the hand drawn and colored art cards…what gives?
why are you doing this now when only a few weeks ago you were questioning if you were ever going to draw bob again?

here is the answer:  there is no one answer.

i’ve been wanting to do these thing for a while.  the art auctions, the cards…and a bunch of other things that have yet to see the light of the web.  i guess it all comes down to me finally running out of something i thought i had a lifetime supply of:  excuses.  in my meditations on bob,  i realized that the only one holding me back from busting out the bob was me… it wasn’t bob, it wasn’t lezley, it wasn’t even lucy… it was good ol’ frank.

realizing that can be a hard pill, albiet a simple pill, to swallow.  so, i could do nothing and waste more time…or i could stop wasting time and hit the board harder than i ever hit it before… but not so hard that i would break it in two.  as with many of you, i had to face losing what i had to realize how much i really have.

that being realized and said, keep your peepers peeled for the onslaught of bob stuff…in addition to a renewed vision in producing a great comic strip…

if there is anything that you’d like to see me do…be it a product or a story or an illustration,  let a drawer know…