where ideas come from…


so, many of you ask where all these wonderful ideas come from. depending on my mood and the type of day I’ve had, I either give a straight answer or I mess around and give a sarcastic answer. not a mean sarcastic answer, just an answer that will entertain me… as I get asked this question at least a dozen times a week.
well, your number one question is now going to be answered in a visually stunning way.
are you ready?
just remember, you asked for it…where ideas come from

this is where most of my ideas start… post-it notes, dunkin donut receipts… basically any scrap of paper that happens to be near or in my pocket at the time. from here, these little nuggets get re-processed into bigger nuggets and eventually into the strip, or a drawing or whatever. you are only seeing a small portion of the vast scrap paper post-it archive.
I have shared something special with you. remember bob and I on your Christmas card list.

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