10 MORE things you didn’t know about Bob the Squirrel

Been a while since Bob bared (or is it beared?) his soul to the world.  Maybe the world wasn’t listening… considering all the other things there are one can’t help (or is forced) to listen to.  Here is a list of 10 MORE things you may not have known, written by the fur ball himself, about Bob the Squirrel.  (The first ten can be found here).

1. I brush my teeth three times a year whether they need it or not.

2. Sometimes I just want to be left alone… just so long as someone KNOWS I want to be alone. Because if no one knows, what’s the point of being alone?

3. The day after Frank got his Master’s degree in art he began to draw me better. It was only for that day, but man, what a great day that was.

4. I don’t really long for being back in the wild. I have nothing to prove by dodging cars in the street.

5. I will love Rachael Ray until my tail is old and grey. You may have known that before this list but it bears repeating.

6. People in public will often call Frank ‘Bob”. They never call me ‘Frank’. Frank says he appreciates that but I can tell it’s killing him inside.

7. When Frank was on the verge of ending the comic strip in 2012, I was scared. I mean YOU try getting a job with only one thing on your resume.

8. I’m extremely selfish, but only when it comes to me.

9. I don’t mind the monotony of our daily life… just so long as it’s not the same every day.

10. I’d be nice to be the most famous squirrel ever… or at least a half inch taller.

2018 Bob the Squirrel Calendar is in production!

Just sent off the files for the 2018 Bob the Squirrel Calendar.  I’m really excited about this because it’s all me.  In the past I’ve gone through Lulu.com for the calendars.  The calendars were nice, but they didn’t allow for much in the way of customization.  The months were all uniform and kinda not me.

So this year, I’m printing them up on my own.  Everything is customized to look like my comic handwriting.  There are a lot of clouds too.  I’ll only be printing a small quantity so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

When it comes closer to delivery, I’ll post ordering info.


Where have you gone, Frank Page?

Yes, I haven’t posted much. Frank Page is missing in action (or inaction… depending on your perspective)  It really stinks that many of these posts tend to start with those very words.  I’m not ignoring you.  I just don’t know what to say.

Why bother filling up this space with my lunch choices?  Full disclosure: since my diet began in March, lunch is pretty much always the same: turkey burger.  That being said, the diet has worked.  Lez and I have collectively lost over 50 lbs…. I’ve personally lost over 26lbs…  All our old clothes look like tents on us.

I didn’t really feel anything body wise until this past weekend.   I set out to re-tile the bathroom floor.  I’ve tiled almost every room in the house, so I know what my body reaction is after finishing… the bending and ripping and kneeling leaves me sore for at least two days.  Everything hurts.  But, my 26 lb. lighter, but a little older, body didn’t do that.  Sure I did as much bending and kneeling as tiling a floor entails… but I was not sore.  Not even a little.  Granted, the bathroom floor wasn’t a huge job… but the last time I tiled it I was in Advil land when I finished.  Not this time.  So that’s cool.

Plus, I discovered that I love laying grout.  Who knew?

Anyway, the 5000th show took a lot of my time last month.  The show was running in conjunction with the finishing touches on a month-long coloring book project for my day job.  The RETRO ROME coloring book was always something that I wanted to do.  My hometown of Rome, NY has a lot of history.  Last year I started a RETRO ROME website through the newspaper… posting a daily Rome image from negatives in the Sentinel archives.  At the beginning o this year, I thought it might be cool to take it to the next level and put out a coloring book… for me it was personal.  I just wanted to draw the buildings I drove past every day.  I could’ve done that without putting a book out of course, but why not share?

Now that the book is selling and the book signings are over, (you can buy the coloring book online here) I can look ahead to other projects.  Or not.  I don’t know that there will be anything on the horizon… maybe I can just relax a little.

Yeah, right.


Cartoonist marks milestone with exhibit; draws up new coloring book of old Rome

From the Rome Sentinel:

Cartoonist marks milestone with exhibit; draws up new coloring book of old Rome

June will be a busy month for Frank Page. The cartoonist will celebrate the 5,000th “Bob the Squirrel” comic strip on June 8. He will roll out his “Retro Rome Coloring Book,” with three meet-the-artist events set for June 22, 24 and 26.

Source: Click here for rest of article.

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