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Gabe Leonard style…

I can’t seem to quit this. I’m 191-ish images into this series. Honestly, that number might be off by one or two… my filing system in the beginning wasn’t as consistent as it is now. Still love it…because it makes me work. It makes me learn. I’m a little bit better every time I finish a series.  That’s what it’s ultimately about.

For the next series, I’m rendering my family in the style of contemporary painter Gabe Leonard.  His is not a name that is top of mind, but his work is first rate. Expressive isn’t a good enough description. He manipulates the figure as much as he does the paint medium. His figures are distorted, but somehow even more alive because of that distortion. This should be a challenging series to complete… and by “challenging” I mean, “Holy hell, why did I pick Gabe Leonard to paint in the style of? What were you thinking?! Make sure that Apple Pencil is sharp, dude… you have seven more to do!”

Something like that.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – Sometimes life is nuts…

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness month I’ve written three articles with more details on our family’s challenge and how our lives have forever changed.  Plus, there are COLOR Bob the Squirrel strips:

Sometimes life is nuts… it’s good to have a squirrel around

Sometimes life is nuts… it’s good to have a squirrel around

Cartoonists have bad days. Rejection is an occupational reality.


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The staff at Bob the Squirrel, along with Bob, are already (almost) completely out of candy corn ideas… and it’s not even September yet.

Because of that, we thought we’d open it up to you.  Send us one or two or ten of your squirrel meets candy corn idea combinations between now and Sunday, August 26th.  We will pick FIVE of the best ideas and bring them to life.  The winners will also receive the original artwork of that idea.  Entry form can be found here!  Thanks and good luck!

Just in case, here is a gallery of what we’ve done so far this year.  As Bob would say: “Go NUTS!”

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