Squirrel 7…

So, I found this reasonably priced, vintage GI JOE space capsule from the mid 60s on eBay.  It was in rough shape.  The first thing I though of was… If I had that capsule it’d make a great set of photos with Bob 2.0.   I didn’t think I’d win the thing… you know how hot eBay auctions can get… especially in the last 2-3 minutes.  But, I won it.

Because the capsule bears a strong resemblance to spacecraft used in Project Mercury, I dubbed the craft Squirrel 7.  If you want to know the significance of the number 7, check out the Project Mercury link in this paragraph.

In the coming weeks I will be posting my project progress.  There is no plan really.  (remember, I didn’t think I was going to win the auction)  I may re-vamp the interior (the control panel stickers have seen a few unsuccessful splashdowns), add some detail to the retro-rocket package on the bottom, add some LEDs, add the recovery cap to the top… I even toyed with the idea of adding an adapter package and converting it to a Gemini hybrid I’m just having fun with it.  Seriously, that’s the only reason I’m doing this.  Fun.  And the pictures.

For all those vintage toy lovers out there – who are silently shrieking at my “ruining” of a classic?  Trust me… the thing was in rough shape. I would never take something in good condition and Bob-ify it.  I’m doing the world a favor by giving this toy new life… even if that life will just be hanging from my studio ceiling.

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the Bob puppet

The beginnings of the Bob the Squirrel puppetI spent the weekend getting my head around building a Bob the Squirrel puppet, something that I eluded to over at my Patreon page and on Facebook.  So this is what he looks like so far.  He’s a little bigger that I imagined… simply because my hand is bigger than I imagined.  Aside from a few youtube tutorial videos here and there, I’m pretty much on my own.  Lezley’s mother has mercifully agreed to sew the arms, legs and ears together for me.  I’ll keep you all posted.

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