Squirrel 7…

So, I found this reasonably priced, vintage GI JOE space capsule from the mid 60s on eBay.  It was in rough shape.  The first thing I though of was… If I had that capsule it’d make a great set of photos with Bob 2.0.   I didn’t think I’d win the thing… you know how hot eBay auctions can get… especially in the last 2-3 minutes.  But, I won it.

Because the capsule bears a strong resemblance to spacecraft used in Project Mercury, I dubbed the craft Squirrel 7.  If you want to know the significance of the number 7, check out the Project Mercury link in this paragraph.

In the coming weeks I will be posting my project progress.  There is no plan really.  (remember, I didn’t think I was going to win the auction)  I may re-vamp the interior (the control panel stickers have seen a few unsuccessful splashdowns), add some detail to the retro-rocket package on the bottom, add some LEDs, add the recovery cap to the top… I even toyed with the idea of adding an adapter package and converting it to a Gemini hybrid I’m just having fun with it.  Seriously, that’s the only reason I’m doing this.  Fun.  And the pictures.

For all those vintage toy lovers out there – who are silently shrieking at my “ruining” of a classic?  Trust me… the thing was in rough shape. I would never take something in good condition and Bob-ify it.  I’m doing the world a favor by giving this toy new life… even if that life will just be hanging from my studio ceiling.

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