being cold…again

the temps have finally dipped below zero in my neck of the woods… when you see that little negative symbol next to a number that could be a shoe size, you develop a better appreciation for numbers without that little symbol next to them.  my drivers side front window has been stuck closed for three days… every other window works perfectly… but i never use those other windows.  consequently, when getting my morning jolt of liquid stimulation, i have to open my door to order and pay.  it’s embarrassing but unavoidable.

yesterday… i got coffee.  as i got out of my car, in the drive thru line, to pay… i explained to the woman that i was having a bad day… my automatic window being decidedly unautomatic.  she smiled, handed me the coffee and said, “well, maybe this cup of dunkin’ coffee will make your day better.”  to which i replied, as i re-fastened my seatbelt, “Only if i pour it on the window to melt it.”  she got the joke…i think…


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