Bob 2.0 Pre-order info…



It’s finally upon us.  The Bob 2.0 pre-order! 

On Monday, June 27 starting at 7:00am, you will have to opportunity to pre-order your very own Bob 2.0 for only $25.00. (includes shipping).  Each Bob 2.0 is a top quality individually made plushie from my patterns.  Barb and Deb at Humming Bird Kreations accepted the challenge to create a new Bob plushie and they knocked it out of the park.  You can read about that first meeting here.

On Monday at 7am, I will post a link to the pre-order page.  You can place your order then and there.  I have to limit it to one Bob 2.0 per person.  I want to make sure that everyone who wants one gets at least one.  As I said before, these plushies are individually handmade and awesome.  Barb and Deb can only move so fast without sacrificing quality.  It may be a few weeks before you get your Bob 2.0… so please bear that in mind when making your purchase. 

There is a limit to the number of orders we will be taking this time around.  If the demand is significant we will regroup and re-assess.  Honestly, I’ve had so much fun with my Bob 2.0 I have a feeling it’ll be a hit.

More info soon!

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