Bob 2.0 – a photo essay

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Bob 2.0


Some wonderful ladies at Humming Bird Kreations accepted the challenge to create a new Bob plushie.  When I saw the first prototype yesterday, I immediately fell in love.

Both Lezley and I were overwhelmed by the time, effort and passion Barb and Deb put into Bob 2.0.  It helps that they are die-hard fans of the strip.  I mean, it REALLY makes a difference.  They were so worried that I wouldn’t like what they did.  When I freaked out and fell in love they were relieved.  🙂

One of the first things I wanted to do was put him on my shoulder… as I sometimes draw him in the strip.  Just wow.

There are a few tweaks needed, but it’s pretty much a soft version of my drawing.  These will be available in the not too distant future… I’ll post more info when I’m done being so damn happy with the results!

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