i have a ton of ideas as far as what i can do for future art auctions.  but i’d like to know what you out there in cyberland think or would like to see me tackle.  if i’m really digging on a submitted idea… and actually produce it to sell, i’d be more than willing to send the idea submitter a sketch of their idea… let me know!  you can: email me, facebook me, tweet me or tweet bob…

3 Replies to “ideas? i’ll make it worth it for you… maybe…”

  1. Bob as a NASCAR driver but with squirrel related sponsors.

    Bob as an old timey cartoon with the oversized eyes and bouncing theme

    Bob in a Watsamatta U school shirt ala rockey and bullwinkle.

  2. Does Bob have any friends he would hang out with? other than the dog and family? New characters would add something to the strip. Is the a neighbor you could add to the mix?

  3. Bob as and Indy car driver
    Bob in a Babylon 5 Star fury
    Bob as Wolverine
    the whole family saluting a returning soldier

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