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for those of you that aren’t aware (which would probably be all of you) my blog/sketch page has been discontinued. instead, i will more faithfully post sketches and whatnot to this page. the sketches and posts that comprised that website have been transferred to this blog. all you gotta do is scroll…

my latest downloadable comic SPACE BOB has been picked to be featured on the Conrad Foundation’s Spirit of Achievement website and blog. The Conrad Foundation was named for astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad who flew two Gemini missions, the first Skylab mission and was the third man to set foot on the moon as commander of Apollo 12. For those of you who know that i’m a space nut, this is indeed a huge honor.

that’s pretty much all for now…remember there’s only a week left to get those holiday commissions in!

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pick up your own "better man"

well… the moment has arrived. i’m ready to unleash my graphic novel out into the world.

“better man” is now available for purchase through i have always been satisfied with lulu’s quality and this publication is no exception. so if you have a few pesos, euro, pounds or bucks to spare i know purchasing this book will not disappoint.

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back from the moon, episode 2

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so i’m back from the moon (the moon being my third MFA residency in vermont). 4 hours and 51 minutes of driving on winding roads as well as three, four and five lane highways, overpriced diet sodas from vending machines that i swear are flipping me off, bathrooms that range from the taj mahjal to the stockyard and all the piercing silence, punctuated by a newly developed rattle in the front end of my car.

this residency was great. i had a good time…let my guard down… a little.

three down and two to go with two more studio projects, a visual culture research thing and the mother of it all… the process paper— a document which sums up my experience as a grad student and forecasts the artistic road that may one day be under my size 10.5 hiking boots. (insert dramatic music here).

if i can get through last semester with most of my hair, most of my health and a third of my sanity…i got this.

for those of you out there in Never-ever land who are interested in acquiring a copy of my first graphic novel “better man” i’ve decided that i will self-publish… i am really proud of this book and want it out there now for everyone to experience. i will post details on how to get a copy next week sometime.

thanks again for keeping tuned to my exploits…. hopefully i’ll stay entertaining…

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