To my wife… on Valentine’s Day…

To Lez – My Friend, My Wife, My Love on our 11th Valentine’s Day:

You’re not perfect.

But, I think it’s perfect that you’re not perfect.

I’d like to think I have a decent imagination… but the one thing I can’t imagine is spending any part of my life without you. You’re always the first person I want to call when I have good or bad news… and I know that you’re the same way with me… although your news tends to lean more on the bad side: dryer not working, dog threw up, I need a coffee, get Ferlo’s bread… that last one isn’t THAT bad…

You’re kind. You’re generous. You’re selfless. Yet, no matter how many times I clean your glasses, you STILL can’t see how truly beautiful you are… both inside and outside.

And, you have THE BEST LAUGH ever. Good thing I’m a funny guy.

Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart… we’re in this together.


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