Pine tar squirrel…

Pine Tar Bob the Squirrel

For those of you that don’t follow baseball, Yankee starting pitcher Michael Pineda was ejected from the game last night for having a foreign substance on his neck.  The foreign substance was pine tar.  Major League Baseball has rules that prohibit pitchers from applying any foreign substance on the baseball.  Thing is, A LOT of MLB pitchers do apply something… be it, hair gel, suntan lotion or pine tar… to the baseball.  It’s an accepted thing, because everyone seems to do it.  Pineda got called out on it because he was cheating badly… and obviously.

Hide it better dude.

baseball bob

bob the squirrel baseball

If you were me and you found a beat up old baseball lying around… what would YOU do with it?

Drawing on a baseball wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

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