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It’s no secret… I love my wife.  I don’t need a day in the middle of the shortest month to let her know.  Hell, it doesn’t even need to be a Tuesday for me to let her know.

She’s not perfect.  I mean, I question her judgement nearly every single day… why did she pick me?  But, I’m not stupid… I don’t ask her that every day – for fear that she would reconsider her decision.

“Hmm…he’s right.  I never though I’d live with a man who decorates the refrigerator with foam core puffy cloud magnets.”

“Yeah… really.  Instead of cologne and a nice tie for his birthday (either of which he’ll never wear) I’ll get him a 5 lb. tub of gummy worms, the latest Jon Meacham book and a Star Wars storm trooper action figure.  Wait, I think he may already have the storm trooper.” (I do)

I’m the type of person that likes to know why things are the way they are.  I’m constantly looking things up, grabbing books on new subjects… I’m curious about knowledge.  There are so many books in our house that we’ve had to get creative on where to keep them.  Every free space is a place a few books could go.  I have books on everything.

But do you know what subject I don’t have or need any book about?  Love.  I tend to question or research everything…but not love.  We’ve both been through enough wrong to know what is right.  My love for this woman is not something I question… it just is.  It’s a perfect love between two imperfect people… and I don’t think either one of us would have it any other way…

Happy Valentine’s Day Lez.

Love you sweetheart.

I’ll clean the litter boxes tomorrow.



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  1. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown, er… Frank Page!!! Very happy for both of you. Much love… Michael

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