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i know, i know…the human animal can live perfectly fine without certain things.  and, if a human animal once had something that he/she eventually lost or gave away, he/she would live on just fine too.

i hate bowing to stereotypical things but i guess i have to in this case.  cartoonists are cartoonists because.  that’s the reason… just because.  i like to specify myself as a cartoonist.  cartoonists can be artists, but not all artists can/want to be cartoonists.  we are of a certain ilk, a mindset, a point of view…willing to work stupid long amounts of time based on an idea jotted down on the back of a dunkin’ donuts receipt that was on the floor of their car.  i can’t be the only one that has found inspiration at the absolute least convenient time.  i’ve written ideas on the back of my hand, the front of my hand, my arm, my leg, my clothes, my socks… on grocery bags, on the wall… you go through all that… all those hours on a hunch, get to the point of completion and just stop… because you don’t like it.  you put it away.  and move on to another idea.

that’s what artists and cartoonists do.  this mental ballet may seem ridiculous to civilians, but it’s how we live.

i could have lived without bob.  but, if he wasn’t there what would be on the backs of those dunkin donut receipts?  i don’t want to know.

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