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i have a paper for grad school that has to be written, edited, obsessed over, re-edited, proofed and sent out by the 16th to meet my oct. 17th deadline. oh, and if i failed to mention it, the paper has to be somewhat coherent. so i have that working against me.

i also have my grad school studio work to deal with. i was very gung ho in august… when i was freshly returned from my summer residency…full of piss and vinegar and ready to take it on. i had been subjected to countless stories about how the semester has a tendency to get away from you if you are not careful… no worries… i’m the king of time management (if you don’t believe me i can post a pic of my crown…)

problem was, i blinked. when i opened my eyes, some two months and change had passed by. don’cha hate it when that happens?

so, in essence, i’ve become a cliche yet again. the stressed out art student who set out to change the world with his/her art and ended up scrambling to meet a deadline. stressing out even more because everything is imperfect. and of course, vowing that next semester will be nothing like this.

creativity on a time budget is like shooting dice. when you get a good roll on, nothing but sevens and elevens, you think the ‘luck’ will never run out. everytime you pick up a pencil, pen or brush it works.

then there are the shooting craps days…snake eyes. the days when you write even your name wrong…

so i’ll be rolling the dice for the next few weeks.

i know what my issue is. i stopped to think. thinking, in this instance, is a hindrance. instinct is your muse, your guide. you can always go back and correct something. the biggest obstacle is jumping off and creating something you CAN go back to.

i hope my dice are loaded.

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  1. I’ve been out of grad school for 9 years, and I STILL have nightmeres every now and again that the end of the semester is upon me and I still have a stack of papers to write and books to read that I haven’t even started. I wake up in a cold sweat!

    Good luck — you’ll make it through!!

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