i’ve been throwing ideas around the last few days— along with a thousand other things going on in the land of frank…

i can’t think of a good title for my next bob book. i’m shooting for it to be available by the end of the month thru lulu.com. i also have plans to introduce some new t-shirt designs. i’ll admit that the current ones are a tad old… no i take that back… they’re REAL old. i apologize for that. it will be rectified…

what do you think of the title: “raiders of the lost nuts” does that sound mildly dirty?

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3 Replies to “insert title here…”

  1. Love the title Frank and look forward to the new book too!

    But even better, I look forward to new designs for the sweatshirts! I cannot wait to order new ones.

  2. A little late, but what the heck! Raiders of the lost nuts does sound a tad dirty; and it sounds like a great book! You’ve got to put Bob in an Idie hat for the cover though. 🙂

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