I’ve decided to sweeten an already great original art deal.  I will include one pack of BOB THE SQUIRREL SUNFLOWER SEEDS!  (limit one pack per order) These aren’t seeds for eating (although you’d have to fight Bob on that) they’re seeds for PLANTING!  These seeds were harvested from sunflowers I grew in my backyard.  They’re the ones I saved from you know who (Bob).

It may be a bit too late to plant them this year but you’ll have a great piece of art and a head start on 2018!

Click on the image above or here to grab some art and get some seeds!


Furniture moving at SQUIRRELOSOPHY

You may or may not have noticed a few changes at Squirrelosophy – the Bob the Squirrel sister site.  In the coming weeks I will be tweaking here and there as I become more (or less) CSS savvy.

shop_head_700x200The priority now is to set up a dedicated Bob The Squirrel store there.  My books will still go through and the other merch through Society6 and CafePress.  But, the stuff directly from me – Artist Editions, original work, toys and whatever else will be available 24/7 at the squirrel store.  This will eliminate the search for the product links I post somewhat arbitrarily… yes, they didn’t teach marketing in art school… and if they did I obviously missed it.

I will keep you all posted!  Have a great day.

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