My Grandmother’s House

Grey house, black shutters past Enjem’s…

My grandmother's house...

It’s been just over a week since my grandmother passed… and I’m still trying to process.

Processing is difficult when you suffer from chronic impatience.

I lived half my life in my grandmother’s house. My grandfather built it with his own hands… and you can tell.  There’s not a single level board in the place. Everything is at some slightly funky angle. The concrete steps un-level, the floors, un-level. the walls and ceilings… you get the idea. Because he was pinching every penny until Lincoln cried, the building materials he used may not have been top shelf.  Heh… that shelf wouldn’t have been level anyway… everything would eventually have rolled off.

That house is a metaphor for life really.  I think my grandfather was in such a hurry to start his life with his wife and family, that he did what he had to do to get to that point. So the house is on a slight tilt… so what?  When has life ever been straight forward?  There are far more turns and corners than there are straight shots.  The memories made underneath that slightly tilted roof are just as good and bad.

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Fat Bottomed Squirrels

This one made me smile this morning…

Losing Lucy has really put me in a funk.  I’m more tetchy than usual.  Aside from my family and kind words from fans and friends, there’s not a whole lot I want to smile about.

This morning, the Queen idea came to me.  Instead of figuring out another superhero mashup, why not music?  I’ve done it before with KISS.

Thanks for the smile Freddie.

This ROCK BOB original art is SOLD!


Today is National Squirrel Appreciation Day…

… and, the staff at Bob the Squirrel aren’t feeling it.

We feel appreciation from the fans of course, but… to celebrate?  Not so much.

The funk is thick, and it’s not the good George Clinton kind.

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Current feeling…

One week since I lost my dog…

I’m still a bit numb… and clearly my aim and focus are out of sorts.

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