Trailer Park Bobs

That’s the way she goes…

Not really a ROCK BOB image, but rocking like a Helix concert just the same…

Bob the Squirrel as Bubbles, Ricky and Julian – the Trailer Park Boys! #NSFW #trailerparkboys #TBP #ricky #bubbles #julian #dailydrawing #drawingoftheday #comic #squirrels #illustration #bobthesquirrel

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Just Like Squirrel…

Squirrel I’m in Love…

Today’s Rock Bob – Bob the Squirrel as alternative music icon Robert Smith of The Cure.
These illustrations are up for sale.  If interested, please email me…  first come, first serve.
Click here to see what else is available. NOTE – hover over image to see if it has been sold or is available.

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Are you gonna BOB my way?

Are you gonna BOB my way?

Today’s ROCK BOB – all around rocker and cool dude Lenny Kravitz

This is the early/mid 1990’s version of Lenny ala the Are You Gonna Go My Way album…

These illustrations are up for sale. If interested please email me. First come first serve. Illustrations can be purchased individually or together. Email me for price.

Bob as Slash is still available for purchase. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and Lemmy are still up for grabs.

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