So much for the pause…

No pause…

Remember when I said that I’d end/pause the daily Family Series?

When I said that I wanted to maybe dedicate that time every day to something else?

When I was sure that after over 250 pieces of art work, that I was ready to chill for a bit?

Yeah… I didn’t believe me either.

Yesterday, I finished the last piece in the Paul Gauguin series. Today, the first piece in the Egon Schiele series.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t believe me… but as my beautiful wife Lezley says to me, “You’d be more miserable if you stopped… so don’t stop.”

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Family Styles – ready to pause…

The “Pause” of style…

As of Friday, August 7, 2020 – I have created 234 images in the Family Style series. My original intention was to take a break on creating these after I finished the latest Sideshow Banner art series.

234 is a funky number… and anyone who knows me knows that I’m not fond of funky numbers.

So, I’m going to continue with the series until I hit 250… which will take me to August 31, 2020.

The first image of the series… Us in the style of the show “Family Guy” was posted on August 22, 2019. I took a few days off (not including weekends) here and there over the course of the series…intentional and unintentional… but for the most part, there was a new image in the gallery every weekday. I”m pretty proud of that.

So, the series will go until August 31. After that? Not sure. Maybe I’ll only take a week off and go right back into it… maybe not. There’s a lot of life between now and the 31st.

Thanks for coming along for the ride with me.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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the end of styles?


Today I begin the Sideshow banner/carnival art style of my ongoing family styles series.
I’ve been posting images to this series since last August. I had no idea what started then would become what it is now.
I’ve done a lot. I’ve learned a lot. But in that process, I’ve let things slide… as we all do. We’re human after all.
Maybe my time (at least two plus hours a day every weekday ) would be better spent on other aspects of my work: revamp the website, re-examine the strip, figure out life in the strip… etc.
Make no mistake, I LOVE doing these pieces… maybe I love them too much? (is that possible?)
This series may end up being the last I do for a while. I don’t know yet. I’ll see how I feel creatively, physically and mentally once this series is complete.
In the meantime, keep checking them out…
Stay safe.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for continuing to support me, my family and my work.