On June 8, 2017, the Bob the Squirrel Greatest Hits show will open.

I’m currently in the process of hanging it… and it’s more work than I thought it would be… especially since I started it on a holiday weekend.  Things have happened this weekend that have forced me to re-think my social media presence and activity.  Nothing bad, just a thrown wrench into the mechanism I’ve constructed.

I have been posting 3-4 sketches throughout the day to my Facebook pages.  I’ve used Hootsuite to pre-schedule everything: from the daily strip, Squirrelosophy and various commercials for books and art.  Well, Hootsuite has now gone to a pay model.  That’s fine, I get it.  But, I don’t think the value I get from them is worth the price they’re asking.  To that end, I’ve found another social media management tool… one that I STILL have to pay a monthly fee for, but one that will shake me out of the routine I was in.  So, it’s not a bad thing… it’s just not a thing I expected to tackle the week EVERYTHING is happening.

To pay for this, I’m going to be stepping up my Patreon marketing, my Squirrelosophy original art sales and various other new promotions.  I’m also going to get serious about a bobthesquirrel.com site re-design.  I’m basically going to be paying way more attention to the things I’ve either stopped paying attention to or have lapsed into a hard routine over.  Evolution.  In the process I hope to make the comic a better experience for the reader.

Before that all begins, I have to get through the next few weeks.  After which, let the Summer of Bob begin!  Thanks to everyone who have stuck by me and the strip.

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