The best part of waking up…

is the morning moments I spend on creating a FAMILY SERIES piece. Today is Linus –  John Singer Sargent style…

This one surprised me. I really wasn’t feeling to great this morning… lots of stress around other aspects of my life, coupled with needing to get a ton of other tasks done over the course of the day. So, I didn’t have high expectations for today. 

I just wanted to get something done.I was 99.87650% sure whatever Sargent style piece came out, it wasn’t going to be an absolute winner.

Out of that came this image of a Linus. From sketch to save took a little over an hour.

Holy crap… I think if I wasn’t stressed and hurried and took my time my original low to no expectations would have been achieved. Lightning struck.

Never know what you can do until you do it… or not think about it.
There’s a lesson in all this somewhere but I’m too stressed to figure it out.
I’m just going to look at the Linus piece a little longer and then dive head first into the shallow end of my day. Don’t bother saving me…i’m already lost.

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