Disposition or dat position…

My current John Singer Sargent series is challenging… I may have mentioned that before.

Normally, producing the piece for the day doesn’t pose a problem… sometimes, I anticipate a problem and just get up earlier (yes, for those that know me, it IS possible).

This morning, the stress of a series of out-of-my-control problems began to make my eye twitch. Dealing with the problems cut into my iPad time.  Consequently, today’s Sargent Series piece… of me…was taking longer than I budgeted for. I thought of delaying the post or just skipping today… but I decided to finish it as much as I could and post it like that.

Kinda glad I did. The stress of the morning… and really the last few months is evident more in this unfinished piece than in anything I’ve done so far.’

When you don’t know when to stop, stop… you may already be finished.

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