A year ago today…

I made the best decision of my life.  I proposed to Lezley… the most perfect person for me ever on  Earth, period.  I proposed in the establishment we first fell in love… albeit a new location (for the establishment).

I told her: “I am a petty, selfish person.  I’m not perfect, but you never asked anything but to be more me.  I try to be a better man because of you and Lauren. And while things on this journey have sometimes been rough, the worst day of my life with you is still more wonderful than the best day without you.  Even when you’re a nightmare, you’re still the woman of my dreams… you’re everything I’ve ever wanted and a few things I didn’t know I wanted… Lezley, will you marry me?”

I put most of that into a strip, from December 24, 2014:
Frank proposes to Lezley

And, there’s video of it too… because in today’s world, it didn’t happen unless there was a phone in your face.  The quality of the video and audio is pretty bad, but you can make out what happens.

Happy Proposal Anniversary Lez… love you!

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Frank and Lezley engagement.I would like to start off by saying that, I never like to give away the end of the story while the story is happening…For this I will make an exception.

At 1PM, EST, I asked Lezley LaForest for her hand in marriage.  I asked her in front of a large lunch crowd at Spressos Coffehouse.  Spressos was the place that Lezley and I used to meet up at when we were just friends.  It is also the place where we fell in love.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect location for me to ask her to marry me.  A BIG thank you to Lori and her staff for being absolutely wonderful and helping me do this.

We are officially engaged.

If you aren’t willing to make a complete fool of yourself in front of a crowd of people for the person that you love, you are already a fool.

So, now you know the ending to the story before the story is ended.  If I’ve spoiled anything for you I apologize… but I promise you that this is the last time I will be doing this.  🙂  I’m very, very, very happy right now.  Happy is a good thing. 🙂

You’ll get the details of the story in future Bob the Squirrel comic strips.