Some good moments…


I just got my copies of the latest books generic bob and same squirrel, different day…

I have to say, seeing them on paper definitely makes sense.  There’s an air of tangibility that seeing them on a computer screen just doesn’t give.  Yes, I literally LIVE with these drawings and I can pull them off the shelf whenever I want.  But, having them collected in a book just makes them different.   It’s like a choir.  One voice is nice…many voices together? Wow.

I re-lived moments from the year I’d forgotten.  Even though I was the one who put the book together, reading them in the actual book form required that I invest more of myself into the act.  Creating and consuming are two different animals.  Sure, I was invested when I created the strips, but it was a different kind of investment.  That investment concerns itself with deadlines, form, style, composition.  The consuming just concerns itself with consuming… reading, turning, laughing and thinking.

I apologize for the disjointed nature of this post.  It’s cool to find yourself a spectator of your life and actually enjoy what you’re seeing.

So glad i’m a cartoonist.

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