Isolation in the age of COVID-19

Edward Hopper, Morning Light with Bob the SquirrelIsolation in the age of COVID-19

No other artist (in my semi-educated opinion) does isolation better than my good friend Edward Hopper.

I created this image of Bob this morning and realized we’re probably all feeling a little Edward Hopper at the moment… we don’t know how long it’s going to last either. Unlike Hopper’s characters, we’ll eventually get to leave our paintings… but what the other side of the canvas will look like is anyone’s guess.

I feel bad for my daughter… her senior year of high school curtailed by a pandemic she had nothing to do with. Things like her graduation ceremony…which, aren’t exactly cancelled… but aren’t exactly set in stone either. I hope after all the pissed off feelings subside she, and her generation, become stronger for dealing with it.

The lemonade made from the lemons they have will have an interesting taste to say the least.

I’ve depicted my family in a Hopper work before… but for the next series of images, I’m going to depict each member of my family individually in a Hopper work…because like I said… we’re all in a Hopper painting at the moment.

What COVID-19 is and how to stay safe

It’s good to knoCOVID-19 Coronavirus - description, safety and preventionw what you’re up against… Here’s a short panel about what COVID-19 is and what you can do to stay safe from it.

Squirrels have a tendency to make things a bit more easy to digest so I thought I’d throw together a basic panel of facts (and a splash of humor). Bob learning that he too could become a participant in this thing was really the spark for this… but I also wanted to explain.

How could I make this whole scary, world-wide situation a bit easier to understand for children. Sure, most are off of school, but do the smaller kids really know WHY they’re not in school? I could’ve made a book about this… taking a million points and pairing them down to the vital points is one of the most challenging parts of what I do.

Nearly all of our lives have been affected by this virus. And even though the things in this panel were probably taught to you before or in pre-school, it’s always good to have a logical reminder.  Make sure you wipe everything down… when this is all over, maybe some of these habits will make you post-Coronavirus a bit more healthier.


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