It’s good to knoCOVID-19 Coronavirus - description, safety and preventionw what you’re up against… Here’s a short panel about what COVID-19 is and what you can do to stay safe from it.

Squirrels have a tendency to make things a bit more easy to digest so I thought I’d throw together a basic panel of facts (and a splash of humor). Bob learning that he too could become a participant in this thing was really the spark for this… but I also wanted to explain.

How could I make this whole scary, world-wide situation a bit easier to understand for children. Sure, most are off of school, but do the smaller kids really know WHY they’re not in school? I could’ve made a book about this… taking a million points and pairing them down to the vital points is one of the most challenging parts of what I do.

Nearly all of our lives have been affected by this virus. And even though the things in this panel were probably taught to you before or in pre-school, it’s always good to have a logical reminder.  Make sure you wipe everything down… when this is all over, maybe some of these habits will make you post-Coronavirus a bit more healthier.


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