sketch_8.5x11_Front_CoverIn 2015, I published three Bob the Squirrel related books: a comic strip collection, a Squirrelosophy collection and a sketch collection.  I put them out a week apart starting the first week in October.  There was a method (theoretical) to my madness:  I just wanted to see what the response would be.

Having a few weeks to process the reaction, I pose a question to you all.  I’d like to shake things up a bit.

Instead of a bunch of books at the end of the year, what would you think of me putting out a collection every three or four months… not only containing the comic strips, but also the Squirrelosophy panels and the social media sketches?  The theory being that you wouldn’t have to pick one type of Bob book, because all the content will be in one collection.  I think it could work… I’d like to try it at the end of March 2016. A quarterly collection means there will be Bob books out throughout the year as opposed to all at once toward the end of the year.

Let me know what you think… I’ve also set up a poll:

[yop_poll id=”2″]

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5 Replies to “Question – Need some input”

  1. The program won’t let me vote!!!! ARGH!!! Sometimes I totally despise computers!!!!!

  2. I also cannot vote. I like the idea of the mixed content. I consume Bob content daily, so I think of them as different pieces of Bob.

  3. I am using Safari and got an error… I think the quarterly sounds great if it doesn’t make you crazy.

    I don’t go into forums very often, but I wanted to say in response to some of your art that I really appreciate Bob and your art. It has made me smile when I was in dire need of it. Thank you for your work.

  4. You have to disable Privacy Badger (or equivalent) to vote. Usually some sort of privacy plugin is responsible for missing page content.

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