thanks for all the advice on beginning jogging… all of it is coming in handy.

i’m shocked that i’ve actually stuck with this endeavor as long as i have…i actually look forward to it over the course of my day.  never thought THAT would happen either.  i got myself some decent shoes and new, easy to spot activewear… nothing matches of course, but that just makes it easier for the cars to see me.

i did however sustain my first injury.  about a mile into my tuesday run, the back of my right heel felt a little funny… not so funny that i needed to stop and check it out… more like a tee hee kind of funny.  i got home to discover a new feeling on my foot.  a warm, liquidy feeling.  removal of my shoe revealed a large minnesota shaped bloodstain on my sock.  yes folks, i rubbed my ankle raw.

i could still see the flecks of skin hanging on my turned inside out sock.  groovy.

but i was out on wednesday… bandaged heavily of course.