ah yes, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… not one bob book.. but TWO! available now for your squirrel viewing pleasure…

if mistakes are learning experiences…
is a collection of 2007 bob the squirrel strips. this one covers the end of frank’s marriage, meeting lezley and moving in with his grandmother. there was definitely a lot of growth from january to december…

they’re fun to watch, aren’t they?
collects the 2008 strips up to the end of october. frank and bob buy a house, frank gets serious with lezley, he gets into grad school and then a funky little jack russell terrier named lucy gets introduced into the mix.

both books can be purchased by clicking on the lulu.com link at the right.

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  1. Got mine ordered and they are on their way. Cannot wait to get them! Waiting patiently on the new sweatshirt designs 😉

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