“Pay-What-You-Can” New Bob Comic Download!

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have you ever wondered where bob “really” came from? what he did before he met frank and changed his life forever? well, your wonders have now been answered. i am now offering a brand new 22 page comic telling the story of the origin of bob the squirrel…which you can get your eyes on IMMEDIATELY…because this comic is strictly a digital download. a mere handful of clicks and you can be reading this comic in less than 5 minutes.

i am making this inaugural comic a “pay-what-you-can” download.

that means, if you want to paypal me $5 for it you can. if you want to paypal me $1 for it you can. if you want to paypal me anything for it you can! but, if don’t want to paypal me anything for it that’s cool too.
i trust my fans. i love my fans. consider this a little thank you for the years you’ve read the strip. if this is successful, expect many more EXCLUSIVE comics like this.
to get your comic, just click on the ADD TO CART button located under the bob badge in the right sidebar. i look forward to hearing what you think! thanks!

just a reminder and stuff…

i am currently working on a whole new set of designs for bob merchandise… i’m hoping to have them all available by the beginning of june. t-shirts, sweatshirts along with a few pleasant surprises. please pardon my silence here… please?

also remember, in addition to the donation button on the side, that you can own a piece of original bob art! just click on the “Buy this original or print” link underneath the strip of your choice and before you know it, it’ll be tastefully packaged and waiting for you in your mailbox.

help me keep bob support bob and the lifestyle he’s become accustomed to. if that doesn’t make you depressed, i don’t know what will… 🙂

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