This doesn’t mean anything to the text… I just love this flower from our sunflower garden.

It all starts with one person.

The bigger something gets, the more help you need.  The more help you need, the less you see.

The moon landings relied on the innovative minds and sacrifices of half a million people.  Neil, Buzz, Pete, Alan, Alan, Ed, Dave, Jim, John, Charlie, Gene and Jack couldn’t take their strolls without help.  The great thing is… they themselves were the first to admit that.

There’s so much that I dig about comics.  So much.  I’ve waxed poetic time and time again about the reasons.  But “THE” reason, the one biggie, didn’t really hit me until this morning.  Well, this reason has hit me before… but it hit me hard today… like, hard enough to leave a mark hard.

It’s all me.

Good, bad whatever… it’s all me.  No one else sets my panels up.  No one else lines my boards.  No one else writes it.  No one else draws or inks it.  No one else scans or posts it.  It’s all me.  It’s a collaboration of one.

Solo work is increasingly rare these days.  Duh, it still exists… but there are definitely more collaborations than not.  I’m not just referring to cartooning either.  Take a look around if you don’t believe me.


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