I’m not sure if some of you know, but on March 14, 2014, I started a project.  I was somewhat familiar with Instagram but had not jumped on that virtual bandwagon.  I had some empty sketchbooks.  I had a few seconds of spare time.  So I jumped.

instagram bob for 2014-15

The result was: InstagramBob_365.  There wasn’t much fanfare involved.  I just decided that I would post a Bob the Squirrel drawing every day for one year.  Not exactly re-inventing the wheel, but still a new and daily changing content stream of squirrel.  Initially I thought I would not be able to keep it up… but so far (and as of this writing) I’m 276 drawings into it… looking at the home stretch with a little sadness.  I learned an awful lot about this character… seriously!  One would think after drawing Bob for going on 13 years I’d know it all.  I thought that too.  But, as is true of a lot of life, I was wrong.

In addition to posting on Instagram, I also posted the daily drawings on Facebook and Twitter.  I’ve gained a small, but extremely loyal following for these little snippets… it’s always fun to see what people think Bob is saying or thinking.  I love that stuff.

On March 13, 2015, the 365th and final Instagram_Bob drawing  will be posted.  After that, I will make the entire series available for purchase as an r-comic download.  I’ve scanned every page of my sketchbook in… so you will see the facing pages just as I did… no editing or correcting will be done… it’s all real.

I will let you all know when that will be ready.  Until then, check out the rest of the series by getting an instagram account.

Don’t worry though, I’m sure that once this journey ends, another will soon take its place.

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