my newspaper is doing a sunday cover story about me and my two new books out…i wanted to do a cool illustrated cover but i’m at a loss as to which one i want to take to the next level… i might just combine all four… because sometimes it seems as thought there are four of me bopping around… isn’t that a scary thought? tell me what you think…

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  1. I like the bottom two. If you could combine the you working (or trying to) aspect from #3 with the attitudes from #4 I think you have a winner. As is… I like #4 the best.

  2. #3 is great!! maybe you can add a little bit of action for bob & lucy? I'm not used to see them that quiet 😉

  3. In the first one, if you were sitting at your drawing board instead of at the keyboard, I would pick that one.

    But as they are, I would go with #4.

  4. the drawing board – #3 – gets my vote! (i like the quietness of you, bob & lucy: nice contrast to the nuttiness that typically ensues …)

    on a sep note: it was a surprise – but a welcome one – to see Jeremy make another guest appearance in the strip … i look forward to seeing how the storyline plays out over the coming days ….



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