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Cosmos and Bob the Squirrel

I watched the first episode of Cosmos last night. I was all set and comfy eager to be enlightened by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson as he continued the work of his mentor Dr. Carl Sagan. I really wished I could accurately remember that moment right before the first episode… because that was the last time I;ll probably ever feel significant… in a universe is infinite type of way.

No disrespect to Dr. Neil at all… him and I have a history. Well, he responded to one of my tweets a while back:

neil degrasse tyson

Cosmos had a lot for me to wrap my peanut dust covered brain around. The series will go 13 episodes… at the end of which I may all but disappear completely… if I haven’t already. Cosmos is cool. Watch it and you too can feel just like me.